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Events   Kickstart Uk Amiga Show is Back!
  Events posted by Ratta on 5-Apr-2024 9:53:50 (407 reads)
KS02 - Uk Amiga Expo Website

Kickstart Uk Amiga Show is back for its second year. The event will take place at Meadow Lane Stadium in Nottingham, England, featuring a two-day expo on Saturday 29th of June and Sunday the 30th 2024.

This incredible annual UK show celebrates the culture and heritage of the Commodore Amiga computer. The event will feature 18 traders, 10 community groups, 5 speakers, 5 performers, and hundreds of Amiga users.

There will be talks from developers behind classic video games of the 90s such as Sensible Soccer, Cannon Fodder, Lure of the Temptress, and Beneath a Steel Sky. Additionally, there will be gaming competitions, machines to play on and prizes.

We are hosting an incredible video game music night on Saturday at Saltbox Bar featuring performances from some of the world's best video game musicians, including a live performance by David Wise, the composer of Donkey Kong Country, and a headline DJ set by Pete Cannon, a jungle producer who incorporates Amiga in his music, along with many other talented musicians such as DJ H0ffman.

  1 comment | Read more  

News   Interview with Camilla Boeman (AmigaOS 68k developper)
  News posted by Daff on 4-Apr-2024 6:37:54 (300 reads)
Obligement magazine is today publishing an interview with Camilla Boeman, from the AmigaOS 68k development team, who is breathing new life into this legendary operating system.

In English:

In French: en français:
  Post comment News   Issue 13 of WhatIFF? Amiga Guide Magazine is released ! News posted by klx300r on 3-Apr-2024 5:30:03 (300 reads)
Issue 13 is out now & download is available at Aminet and

xT Amiga 600 Turbo Card
Open Amiga Sampler
Apollo Computer V4+ Standalone
Aminet Goodies

Game Reviews:
Weasels Gaming Corner: Current Games
The Deep
Dice Masters

Game Graphics: What NOT to do
Making Modules 101 Part One
How to Get Better Samples
Creative Graphics: Easzy Aztec Graphics
Brilliance 101 Part 12 - Tokyo Bay Part 2
Creative Graphics: Fun With Smear

Completing Games at Long Last
Building a New Rejuvenator in 2024
Amiga Paradox of Choice
Amiga Through the Lens of LD Learner Part 2
Contributing article: Lessons from a 7Mhz CPU

Massimo Loi: NEONnoir
Simone Bevilacqua: RETREAM
8080: The Deep and Dice Masters
Willem Drijver: Apollo Robin Hood

Shell Talk
Invents Corner

Cover Disk:
The Deep
WHDLoad Torrent File

Andy Vaisey, Ivan Sorensen, John Scolieri, Kevin Saunders, Rob O'Malley,
and Timo Paul.
  1 comment  

News   VD aktuell 03 - Spring 2024 released
  News posted by AndreasM on 30-Mar-2024 10:56:53 (329 reads)
VD aktuell is back - as a german retro gaming magazine with 64 full-color pages!

We have developed our (German) magazine further and turned the program guide into a real retro illustrated magazine, with a travel guide, psycho test, puzzles and everything else that goes with it - simply lots of fun, easily digestible snacks that bring fun into the retro life!
In addition we also bring you retro news, we briefly introduce new retro games and also take a look at the movies.
Of course, the YouTube video program is not to be missed (this time with videos from Virtual Dimension and Fog Lake Production) and we bring the cliffhanger to a close with the third and final part of the VD short story "In search of the lost retro game".

As you can see, there's something for everyone! And if all goes well, you'll be able to hold our magazine in your hands every three months from now on.

Order VD aktuell:

Virtual Dimension on Youtube:
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News   Old Amiga Future Issue 142 in german & english now online
  News posted by AndreasM on 28-Mar-2024 14:12:51 (337 reads)
Since today you can read the Amiga Future issue 142 online on our webpage.

In irregular intervals we provide older issues of the Amiga Future for free online.

The magazines and the PDF versions (in HQ) are also available in our online shop

Read the german mags online:
Read the english mags online:
  Post comment News   ReAnimate: 2024 Summer School on Retro Gaming History, Critic, and Development News posted by tygre on 28-Mar-2024 1:51:40 (360 reads)
Hi there!

Folks in Montréal are organising a Summer School on retro-development, with a special focus on the Amiga!

"A summer school dedicated to retro gaming, which invites both humanities and engineering to provide unique insights on retro gaming, both theoretical and practical, and opportunities for cross-fertilization among research fields. Supported by the ACM SIGSOFT."

Check it out!
  Post comment News Back Online! News posted by amigakit on 26-Mar-2024 20:54:35 (633 reads)

Six days ago our server, and many others, were taken offline due to a data centre infrastructure problem. We are pleased to report that the website is back online taking orders! We would like to apologise for the unexpected event and any inconvenience caused. We would like to thank many of you for the kind words in messages over this time and your patience during this period.
  6 comments News   AmiWest 2024 News posted by tekmage on 21-Mar-2024 4:17:34 (257 reads)
AmiWest 2024 "Get your game on!"

Join us in Sacramento California on October 25th, 26th and 27th for the 27th AmiWest show. This year our show theme will be "Get your game on!". Gaming has been a mainstay of the Amiga platform since before it's inception. The last few years have seen a resurgence in Amiga games and gaming across all platform flavors. This includes HW innovations A600GS, the latest modern retro releases , the latest game engines like Redpill , Hollywood, and Scorpion, with the latest tools like UniJoysticle.

AmiWest 2024 will be held October 25th to October 27th, at the Holiday Inn Express Cal Expo, 2224 Auburn Blvd.,Sacramento, California 95821, USA. Tell everyone you know and bring a friend to AmiWest

The show will be three days in 2024. In past years we used Thursday and Friday for the AmiWest on site DevCon. For 2024 we are going to change our format and shift the DevCon to a virtual event, more details will be provided in the coming months. For Friday, October 25th, the show will focus on long form presentations on leading hardware and software projects.

The AmiWest Organizing committee has begrudging decided that the email fad is not a flash in the pan and decided to implement a robust newsletter mail server. Please follow This link to sign up and show your support!

Watch for the latest updates and information.
  Post comment News   Server4you downtime News posted by sibbi on 26-Mar-2024 15:19:36 (397 reads)

Our hosting provider Server4you suffered what they called an "infrastructure incident" on March 21st. Water seems to have gotten into the room holding the batteries for the data center, which caused systematic failure which affected amongst other things, their routers, DNS subsystem and some of the machines they host.

It's taken them 5 days so far to recover from this incident and it's still ongoing but at least our network activity seems to have been restored. Our server was not directly affected by the outage, but network connectivity to it was however, so we dropped out 5 days ago and have been out ever since.

We apologise for this incident and the downtime, we have been looking into some sort of a future plan for the site involving a more modern virtualised hosting environment with a CMS which would be easier to maintain and keep running, but we're very understaffed and life keeps us busy with other things.

Kind regards

software OS4   Alinea Computer becomes distributor for the next two Hyperion games
  software OS4 posted by AmigaPapst on 18-Mar-2024 14:44:35 (964 reads)
We are pleased to announce that we as Alinea Computer will be the distributor of the next two games from Hyperion Entertainment. The cooperation so far has been excellent and we hope that we can continue to realize joint projects.

Our first game as a distribution partner will be Heretic II for AmigaOS 4.

This can be ordered under the link. Dealers should contact us directly as distributor.

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